The A-Z Gazetteer aims to provide useful public information about local services and local bona fide businesses. Inclusion is based entirely on completion of the web entry form and no other means is available.

Inclusion in the Gazetteer is currently free. The form must be completed as requested and if any required field is omitted then the submission will not be successful.

Each submission will be individually checked (eg. against Yellow Pages) and inclusion is not automatic. The decision as to whether or not to accept any submission is entirely arbitrary and not subject to negotiation but anything legal, decent and honest will be considered. Initial acceptance does not preclude removal without notice.

Please read through the form first to make sure you understand what is required. There are some hints on completion which might help

Section One:
The first section is the A-Z Gazetteer entry, ie. the information you want the public to see:

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Section Two:
All the information above is for publication in the A-Z Gazetteer. The information required in this section are for our records and not for publication. Please note the * which indicates essential information even if it means repeating below some of the information already given above.

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